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Delhi Vidhan Sabha Election 2013. Delhi election 2013



In 70 Assembly Constituencies, the number of contesting candidates for the poll  held on 29.11.2008/13.12.2008 has been 875. Out of 875 candidates 81 were women candidates. The total number of contesting candidates in Assembly Elections 2003 were 817.


Delhi Assembly Election Total Candidates Contesting Male




2008 875 794 81
2003 817


Electoral Data Delhi Election- Total Number of Voters

 The final electoral roll for 2013 Delhi Assembly Election is likely to be notified in the first half of September. After the summary revision, which started on July 5, the voter count now stands at 1,15,26,865. The number is likely to go up once all the applications are processed.


Delhi Election Total Electors [In Lakh] Male[In Lakh] Female[In Lakh]
2013 115.27
2008 107.27 59.67 47.60
2003 84.48 47.56 37.92

Sheila Dikshit: enhancing the status of women

On Sunday Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit started the distribution of subsidized food under food security scheme started ahead of Delhi Assembly Election.


She said “This is the largest programme of its kind in this world. It would go a long way in overcoming hunger and poverty across the country apart from enhancing the status of women,” said Dikshit. Sixty-seven percent population of the country will be covered under the programme which will provide them the legal right to food.


Even after 15 year of her good governance[As stated by her on Friday in Assembly] in delhi, she feels that 73 Lakh person need this food security means they are not able to earn on their own, government has not provided them such education and jobs that they become self dependant.


Sheila said scheme will enhance the status of women, how free food will enhance the status of women. Education and job can enhance the status of women not free food. Its just like begging to survive. Does this government wants us to beg for food even after paying lots n lots of taxes on each and every little item we consume.

Delhi Election Head to Head Weekend 30-AUG-2013 Sheila vs Kejriwal



Sheila Dikshit

In Uttar Pradesh, she and her 82 colleagues were jailed in August 1990 for 23 days by the state government when she led a movement against the atrocities being committed on women. Electrified by this, hundreds of thousands of citizens all over UP joined the movement and courted arrest.


Arvind Kejriwal


In December 1999, while he was still in service with the Income Tax Department, he helped found a movement named Parivartan (which means change), focused on assisting citizens in navigating income tax, electricity and food ration matters in parts of Delhi. He believes “Change begins with small things”. It also helped push the withdrawal of an effort to privatise Delhi’s water supply by the Delhi Jal Board in 2005. It also aids other groups in educating citizens nationwide about India’s Right to Information Act, which has proved very effective in Delhi in settling people’s grievances with government departments. It is studying the institutionalization of local self-governance, taking the model in rural areas in which a general body decides how much money should be spent and on what projects, and holds government officials to account if these plans are not implemented correctly.

Right to Information

In July 2006, following the introduction of the Right to Information Act (RTI), Kejriwal spearheaded an awareness campaign. Kejriwal has been using RTI in corruption cases in many government departments including the Income Tax Department, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, the Public Distribution System (PDS), the Delhi Electricity Board and others.

Jan Lokpal Bill

Kejriwal was the civil society representative member of the committee constituted by the Government of India to draft a Jan Lokpal Bill, following a campaign for introduction of such legislation that featured Anna Hazare.Kejriwal had been arrested for his support of Hazare.He was the architect of the JanLokpal movement started by Anna Hazare demanding Citizen’s Ombudsman Bill.

Anti-corruption publicity

Kejriwal has used the technique of a press conference to expose irregularities and alleged corruption by government agencies and political parties.

Kejriwal: Effective Money Management

AAP party volunteers plan to queue up on the citi flyovers with banners displaying their election symbol and leader Arivnd Kejriwal. This, they claim, is to beat the selective removal of their banners by civic authorities.

Kejriwal said, “Unlike the major political parties we do not have enough money to buy legal space. That’s why we are adopting strategies like this as they are less capital-intensive and more volunteer-intensive. It is a success.” “The public response has been heartwarming. Some of them are waiting to see the posters, shake hands or click pictures of our volunteers,” said Saurabh Bharadwaj, the AAP candidate from Greater Kailash assembly constituency who stood at the Chirag Dilli flyover on Friday. Other AAP volunteers were spotted at flyovers near Panchsheel, Savitri cinema and Nehru Place.

Kejriwal has shown how to manage funds, even with low budget he is effectively marketing his AAP party for Delhi Election. If he get elected in the Assembly poll we could see more example like this in his governance. Unlike sheila government who has already wasted many crores in Yamuna purification with literally no effect, wasted lot of money in common wealth games are the few example from the long list of such activities.