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Delhi Vidhan Sabha Election 2013. Delhi election 2013

Bharatiya Janata Party decided to project Dr Harshvardhan Delhi CM Candidate 2013

BJP has decided to project Dr Harshvardhan as the party’s chief ministerial candidate for the Delhi Assembly elections. Bharatiya Janata Party will formally announced Harshvardhan as BJP candidate in next few days. BJP Leader Vijay Goel have been strongly opposing attempts to dethrone him, but the party now believes that if they are to have any serious chance of forming the Government in Delhi then they have no option but to dump Goel.

Dikshit as Most favours CM again in Delhi Election by HT & C-Fore Opinion Poll Survey 2013

Sheila Dikshit as Most favors CM again in Delhi Election by HT & C-Fore Opinion Poll Survey 2013

Young and first-time voters in the national capital are more attracted to AAP than BJP

The Hindustan Times & C-Fore survey covered 14,689 voters

Sheila Dikshit vs Arvind Kejriwal who will be the next CM of Delhi Vidhan Sabha Election 2013

In HT Opinion poll survey 29% vote like Dikshit as their CM candidate while 22% of voter opted for Arvind Kejriwal and BJP’s Vijay Goel won 18%. Delhi BJP chief Vijay Goel, however, disagreed with the survey results.

IBN7  HT C Fore Opinion poll survey 2013 show that the ruling party may scrape through with anything between 32 and 37 seats in the 70-member. In 2008 elections, Congress had won 41 seats.


Date of Delhi Legislative Assembly Election 2013 | Delhi MLA Voting Date

Delhi Vidhan Sabha Election Date 2013. Schedule for General Election to the Legislative Assembly of Delhi 2013. Delhi MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) election Date 2013 notification will be published by election Commission of India very soon

 Below are the Schedule for the General Elections to the Legislative Assembly

S. No. Poll Event Dates
1 Issue of Notification  Likely to be published by end of September
2 Last date for making Nominations Likely to be November 2013
3 Scrutiny of Nominations Likely to be November 2013
4 Last date for withdrawal of  candidature Likely to be November 2013
5 Date of Poll Likely to be November/ Dec 2013
6 Counting of Votes Likely to be November/ Dec 2013
7 Date before which election process shall be completed By December
7 Hour of Poll 8.00 AM to 5.00PM

All 70 ACs will go to poll on a single day.

* Note we will update the post & date once the notification issue by Election Commission




SN PROGRAMME 2008 2013
1 Date of announcement of Election 14.10.2008

To be announced on Sept 2013

2 Date of issue of Notification 04.11.2008
3 Last date for making nominations 11.11.2008
4 Date of scrutiny of nominations 12.11.2008
5 Last Date for withdrawal of Candidature 14.11.2008
6 Date on which a poll shall be

taken, if necessary



7 Counting of Voters 08.12.2008
8 Date before which the election

shall be completed



9 Hours of Poll 8.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M 8.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M


Delhi Metro Fare Revision after Assembly Poll

Last fare revision was done in 2009, after 2008 Assembly Poll. Again it is likely to be revised only after 2013 Delhi Assembly Poll. Is it just a co incidence or it is influence by the Delhi election and Sheila government?

According to Urban development ministry since 2009 the chairman of fare fixation committee has not been appointed. The committee comprises a chairman and two members. While the chairman can be a serving or retired judge, the two members are the Union urban development secretary and finance secretary of Delhi government. The chairman is selected by the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet.

Sources said while the Urban development ministry had suggested names of judges twice in the past, the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet turned them down. The ministry is yet to forward a fresh name for the post.

After formation of the committee it will take time to submit its report on revising fare. As per rules, this report should come in 90 days. “With the model code of conduct to be announced soon, its highly unlikely that fare would be revised,” a source said.